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Wintertide lies on the frosty continent to the north. The landscape is covered in ice and snow, yet the region’s battlefields burn with a fiery rage. Wintertide was once the refuge of the legendary dragon Methus the Red Flame, instigator of the First and Second Dragon Wars. Although he has been dead for decades, his spirit of bloodlust lives on through the violent clashes between the humans, trolls, and giants of the region.

The region Wintertide offers you the following dungeons:
  • Yodrak’s Thunder (Lvl 64-68)
  • Lodar Caves (Lvl 66-69)
  • Torran Prison (Lvl 69-70)
  • Ironfang Fort (Level 70)

Yodrak’s Thunder

Blood Rage Troll Fortress - Yodrak Thunder is situated in the southeast of Wintertide, with Anorris Hill, the largest black iron timber production facility in Wintertide, lying between them and Messner. Blood Rage Trolls made use of a naturally pocket-shaped valley to build their fortress. This easy-to-guard terrain not only allows them to recover from battles quickly, but has also caused Messner's army to return home in failure on countless occasions over the past five hundred years.

Lodar Caves

To the east of Lynor Lake is a magnificent waterfall. This waterfall is called Lodar Waterfall. Originally it was the source of the lake. However, in recent years an Ice Dragon has frozen the lakes surface, causing the waterfall to also freeze so it no longer flows. Instead, it now serves to conceal a mysterious frosty cave behind its wall of ice. Lodar Caverns: a cave that is home to exceptionally rare plants and minerals. In addition, there are also mysterious creatures living here. No one knows how dangerous they are, but many have tried to search this cave, hoping to hit the jackpot. But the true danger is not in the occasional encounter with trolls and snow giants, but rather these rumored creatures, strange lights, and the walking dead.

Torran Prison

Torran Prison, situated below Torran kingdom's western tower, is a secret prison built by Sion the Great. The prison mainly holds criminals determined to be "a danger to national development.” The real reason for Sion the Great's treatment of these opponents will amaze most. He needed these people to help him formulate a development code for the future of the state. This is a truth that most people would probably never even imagine. Sion the Great realized his mistake early on, but to save face and his own self-esteem, he would not admit his mistake to his people. He then placed all his hope in his moral youngest son - Chico Sion. He hoped that one day, once he abdicated, Chico would be able to correct his father’s error, and become a ruler who deserved the people's love. However, things did not go as he hoped.

Ironfang Fort

Before the First Dragon War, the Ice Giants were the second race of demi-humans in Wintertide. They were the sworn enemies of the Blood Trolls, and both had been at war for several millennia. However, during the Second Dragon War, they were forced to become allies due to their mutual fear of Kronos's might. Despite this, the hate runs deep on both sides, and once the Dragon War was over, they quickly reverted to their old ways. Before the humans came to this region and started building up their own bases of power, the political map of Wintertide was clear-cut—the Ice Giants inhabited the north, and the Blood Trolls lived in the south. Later on, "Red Flame" Methus came to rule these lands, and due to his warlike nature, he enjoyed watching these two warrior races battling it out on his territory.

With Wintertide being released, we also raise the level cap to 70! The complete patch notes can be found here.


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