Item Bonus Promotion!

The more Diamonds you spend, the more we give you as a bonus!

Dear Community,

Who would not want that? You buy things and as a reward - that's right, you get even more things!

That's why we have prepared a small bonus promotion for you. The more diamonds you spend, the more we give you!

We even tell you what you get. There is something for everybody!
The following are the rewards and they are additive, so you get everything from your spend amount of Diamonds and below:

  • From 1000 Diamonds spend:
    • 1x Underworld Merchant Flute
    • 2x Catalyst
    • 1x Advanced Resurrection Potion
    • 1x Free Pick for colours
  • From 2000 Diamonds spend:
    • 1x Bank Expansion

  • From 4000 Diamonds spend:
    • 4x Perfect Equip Transmutation
    • 2x Dragon Drive Potion

  • From 8000 Diamonds spend:
    • 1x Dragon Egg Restoration Liquid
    • 1x Dragon Lair Expansion Card
    • 1x Dragon Stable Expansion Card
    • 1x Baby Lady Vox (Companion)

  • From 13000 Diamonds spend:
    • 1x Misty Shroud Bluepruint (can be gifted!)
    • 1x Academy Knowledge Enhancer

The bonus promotion starts today, Wednesday, May 30th, at 19:00 CEST and ends on Friday, June 1st, at 16:00 CEST!
All diamonds spent in the promotion period are valid!

We hope you enjoy your shopping!

Your Savage Hunt Team


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Item Bonus Promotion!

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