Dragon's Prophet Account Migration

If you also play Dragon's Prophet: read urgently!

Chances are that you have already heard about it: Dragon's Prophet and Savage Hunt are moving into the same system!
This will happen on:
Wednesday, 20th June.

To make sure the gameplay is as stable as possible, Dragon's Prophet and Savage Hunt will continue to operate separately. Therefore, nothing will change for you. You´ll keep all your characters, your progress and you can still play the same game - with the same people.
With the move into the gamigo system, Dragon's Prophet and Savage Hunt will now share a single login.

You will have to connect your accounts yourself. This is easy as pie though, so don't fear!

Please note that the migration is available starting June 20th, not earlier!
  • Step 1: Register your Savage Hunt account. If you already have one, skip this step.

  • Step 2: While logged in, navigate to your Savage Hunt account page. (Click!)

  • Step 3: Click the navigation entry "Migration". (Click!)

  • Step 4: Enter your Dragon's Prophet E-Mail and your Dragon's Prophet Password into the shown form.
    Please make sure you know your credentials for your Dragon's Prophet Account! You will not be able to reset your old Dragon's Prophet password after the migration has started! It is essential that you do know your E-Mail and Password for Dragon's Prophet now!

  • Step 5: Download the new Dragon's Prophet client. (A link will follow.)

  • Step 6: Log in with your Savage Hunt login credentials (USERNAME / PASSWORD) into your new Dragon's Prophet installation.

  • Step 7: Done! :) You can now continue playing Dragon's Prophet from where you left off.

  • Please Note
    Your Dragon's Prophet diamonds can NOT be kept and are not migratable. Please invest your existing credits NOW. You will, however, receive a voucher depending on how many diamonds you have purchased in your Dragon's Propet life.
    You will also get a unique dragon that will never be available again in Dragon's Prophet.

Since you only have one account for both games, you have a split diamond balance, meaning that you can use your balance in both games! Savage Hunt players and Dragon's Prophet players both benefit from the more modern gamigo shop.

Not only did the migration cost a lot of our nerves, but also yours! That's why we want to thank you with a voucher! The more money you have already spend, the higher the voucher will be. After you have connected your accounts, you will automatically receive your voucher!

This coupon can be redeemed at the next purchase in the new shop, so this means you will either get a free package or a discount on an even bigger package!
Please note that the remaining amount of the voucher is lost! If you use a 100 € coupon code for a 25 € package, the remaining 75 € will be lost! Please do not buy a smaller package than your coupon code is worth!

We will be removing the opportunity to recharge diamonds before the migration itself starts, so you cannot unknowingly purchase diamonds too late. If you already want to purchase new diamonds, you can do so with your Savage Hunt account - the diamonds will wait for you there! The diamond prices in-game will be changed to reflect the new exchange rate, so nothing will get more expensive!

Thank you very much for your patience!
See you in Auratia!

Your Savage Hunt Team


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