Loyalty Program

It was time again for some improvements to our cash shop!

Dear Community,

it was time again for some improvements to our diamond shop! Thus, we would like to introduce our loyalty program to you:

Depending on how long you've been with us, you'll get better and better offers on diamond packages. You can recognize these by the following symbols:

The picture above gives you an insight into the shop of a Gold Status member. Here you can see the unlocked Bronze, Silver and Gold Bonus and the "Special"-marked first-time-buyer offer.

If you've been playing a little longer, you'll get Bronze status. With this you get 1% more diamonds in all packages from 9,99.

If you remain loyal to us, you will unlock the Silver Status Packages. These include 3% more diamonds in all packages from 25.

If you are real veterans, we will give you 5% more diamonds on all packages over 50!

These bonuses are permanently unlocked!*

Furthermore, our selection is a bit smarter now. You will be shown packages that correspond to your buying behavior and won't see a long, confusing list anymore.

However, check back regularly, because you are always unlocking special offers from time to time! These are usually time-limited (within weeks or a month, don't worry!) and give you an unbeatable diamond value!

In addition, there is a special first-time-buyer offer, which gives you a tremendously good entry offer! Limited to one purchase.

Finally, the existing packages were changed a bit. No package has become worse, we only made some a little better.

*Changes to the bonuses or the obtainable goodies are not to be excluded. The offer may vary depending on the point in time, but the program will not be cancelled.


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