Secret Apartment Preorder

20 Tickets are available! Get them while you can!

Dear Players,

we would like to give you the opportunity to purchase a ticket to your very own Secret Apartment ahead of their release. The hook? There are only 20 tickets in stock!
But what's that...we bring you two secret apartment styles!

Be one of the very first to set foot on the never-seen-before Misty Shroud island and build your very own village! You don't only have the opportunity to place a single house, or even two houses, but the island offers you enough room for three houses and tons of furniture!
To sweeten the deal we included an optional Apartment Warrant if you click on Purchase Overview. For 295 Diamonds you can skip out on the Gold cost of purchasing an apartment.

The Preorder starts today, 22nd February, at 20:00 CET. There is no time limit on this sale, the only limiting factor is the total quantity of 20 tickets!

Apartments will be released on 1st March. No delays. Nothing less than we promised.

You can find a preview in our forum!


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