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Far to the north lies the war-torn land of Alentia. The harsh landscape marked by volcanoes and cliffs is home to three determined factions of Osira: The Svarth Kingdom, the Adonya Federation and the Kalernine Kingdom. Marked by war after war for millenias, these 3 factions still fight for survival and territory against each other, while defending against Undead, giants, Legendary dragons and unknown forces battling for the heart of Auratia in the ancient Dragonheart Temple.

The region of Alentia offers you the following dungeons:
  • Barlam's Lair (Level 80-82)
  • Draconic Giant Outpost (Level 82-84)
  • Bloodstone Stronghold (Level 84-89)
  • Dragonheart Temple (Level 89-90)

Barlam's Lair

Barlam's Lair is located deep within the Unthor mountain range. The entrance to the cave is near Svarth Kingdom, and used to be the nest of the giant dragon, Barlam. After Barlam was killed by Svarth's current king, Yarmon Svarth, the leaderless surviving dragons retreated to their nest. Today, the dragons prosper due to effectively protecting their youth and increasing their numbers exponentially, frequently leaving their nest in order to hunt. With the climbing number of dragons, the number of attacks is rising as well. In order to protect travelers and their caravans, Yarmon Svarth plans to gather an army to destroy the dragons who reside in Barlam's Lair. However there are rumors that a mysterious organization is behind the dragons' miraculous rates of recovery. Given their lack of manpower, Yarmon has had to seek assistance from reliable mercenaries like you.

Draconic Giant Outpost

The Draconic Giant Outpost is a newly occupied fortification located near the entrance to Luna Forest. It was once a strategic military stronghold built by the Adonya Federation, but after the Draconic Giants, led by their newly-appointed leader Entralar the Disembowler, took over the stronghold, its defensive perimeter was remodeled and reinforced. Thick wood and towering stone structures were added to afford additional protection. This, coupled with its superior strategic location, makes it nearly impenetrable. The Adonya Federation are at their wits' end, and they know the only way to take down this incredible stronghold is through surprise attacks. The situation parallels the battle with Draconic Giants five hundred years ago, where victory was achieved through similar tactics. A frontal assault would only end in needless casualties.

Bloodstone Stronghold

Bloodstone Stronghold was built in secret by the Steelsnarl Wolfmen, using the geography and volcanic climate for protection. The structure is largely incomplete due to the laziness and carelessness of the Wolfmen, leaving the walls on the western front exceptionally vulnerable. The Wolfman commander Bloodboil the Pyromancer, realizing this major flaw, sent extra forces to safeguard the construction. However, the wise king of Kalernine, Fenton Barrone, saw the weakness as well, and he sent troops to sabotage their efforts. As a result, the Wolfmen were unable to focus and complete the repairs. This opening is the key to gaining the upper hand in the battle, and so Fenton has to use any means possible to delay the construction until his army of Lumbering Thornspike Dragons arrives.

Dragonheart Temple

At the center of Alentia lies the ancient Dragonheart Temple. To this day it is unknown who built it or how long it’s been around. The architecture of the temple is astounding and despite its obvious age, does not appear dilapidated or timeworn. It is surrounded on all sides by magnificent statues of the revered Morgath, the Creator. However, most puzzling of all is a statue at the top - far in the clouds – a life-like statue of Morgath himself.
Hidden deep within the inner reaches of the temple is rumored to be the heart of a long-forgotten legendary dragon; the heart of Auratia. Many speculations have emerged as to what kind of power the heart could potentially hold. The people of Auratia grow restless with news of this discovery, however, none have been able to get their hands on it.
The temple itself is surrounded by molten lava on all sides. On the inner steps, Dragons and monsters fight in seemingly unending battle. Legendary Dragons also prowl the area as if keeping guard. An unknown, ancient magic keeps the stone doors sealed shut. Secretive organizations and many powerful kingdoms have their eye on the heart. Will you protect it or will you claim the power for yourself?

With the release of Alentia, we are also raising the level cap to 90! Complete patch notes can be found in the forum here.


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