Auratia. A world torn and scarred by terrible wars, which finally recovered from death and destruction. Centuries have passed by since the ever-destructive dragon wars have ravaged the land. The humans can’t even remember the bitter times when forces clashed which were way beyond their grasp. Amidst them live the Osira, who have the blood of Morgath the Great Creator flowing through their veins. They are able to communicate with every creature and create special bonds with dragons or their descendants. Once, so it was told, they stood valiantly against the armies of darkness and fought in the dragon wars against the Devourer of Souls Kronos and banished him forever. But in the southernmost point Auratia’s, deep in the Valley of Death, two searing red eyes glow in the dark, filled by pure hatred and vengeance.

There were merely legends about such dreadful creatures as the Devourer of Souls, prophesized by Morgath himself millennia ago. But mere centuries ago, this horror was reality. The Devourer of Souls Kronos flooded the land with a terribly sickness – the dragon plague. This plague nearly exterminated all life and only the Osira and the mightiest dragons could save themselves to a safe retreat in Anerton. But they were far from rescued. Undead dragons and the Shax’s troops, another highly evolved species also living in Auratia, were fighting for the Devourer.

Only through trickery could Lysaia defeat Kronos after a massive assault, but at the cost of his and his allies lives.

What once was history, became stories. Stories became sagas and sagas turned to legends. Only the ancient stories tell about what happened in the very beginning. First, there were dragons. They formed the barren world which will one day be known as Auratia. The mightiest of the high dragons, the Great Creator Dragon Morgath, stood above all. But even his life wasn’t eternal, even though it was incredibly long. In his last moments, he gathered his closest friends, the Silver Dragon Lysaia and the Black Dragon Kronos. Lysaia was to be the heir of Morgath’s wisdom and Kronos received his unimaginable power. Together, they were to use the Creator’s powers for good and to protect the whole creation. Kronos flooded the world with his power, so that intelligent life could evolve: the Osira.

But the ravages of time took their toll on the other dragons as well and so they followed Morgath’s example and gave their wisdom to Lysaia and their strength to Kronos before they died. Kronos devoured the corpses of his fallen brothers and sisters, but inconceivable pain plagued him. Yet he didn’t complain, since this was Morgath’s wish and his last task for Kronos to fulfill. Lysaia’s boundless wisdom brought him the nickname Eye of Wisdom while Kronos was called something completely different: Grim Reaper. One day, Kronos was overwhelmed by unconsciousness just as he devoured a deceased dragon. When he came to, he noticed that his body was transformed. He was strong again, his wings no longer had holes in them and his teeth were razor sharp once again. During his blackout, he couldn’t release the excess power of his fallen brother and that made him even mightier than before.

It was during this time that Kronos’ body saw sinister transformations. Time and time again he devoured the bodies of his fallen brethren and let his mind slip into the dark. His appearance kept changing – a gruesome visage with too many eyes took the place of his face. Additional pairs of wings grew on his back and his body was now laced with spikes of steel that deformed his appearance. The other dragons began to panic, since his resemblance to a feared creature that Morgath once prophesized was uncanny: The Devourer of Souls. Centuries passed and Kronos madness escalated and his greet grew higher and higher, he nearly devoured all of creation itself in his greet. Thus, the remaining high dragons and Lysaia banded together and banished Kronos in shackles of pure will.

Out for revenge, Kronos created the Chaos Dragons with his last remaining power that were mindless slaves to his power, but lacked any intelligence and couldn’t free him from his prison.

Millennia passed until Methus, the “Red Flame”, found Kronos in his prison. In the meantime, his foul deeds became the stuff of stories, not of facts. But the power-hungry dragon Methus, which was stopped in his conquest by Lysaia, wanted to resurrect Kronos due to his legendary strength and pull him to his side. But he did not count on Kronos’ destructive nature and will to devour all of creation. So it happened that Jorbyn, a friend of Methus’, was absorbed by Kronos and Morgath’s prophecy was fulfilled: “The day the Devourer of Souls devours a true dragon will herald the end of all dragons!”.

These are the legends that surround the last dragon war. But it seems the Devourer Kronos returns…an event which will cost the courage and strength of every Osiran!