Valentine’s Day Events

The deep connection to one’s dragon is one of the strongest emotions that an Osiran knows. This joy is something you can share with your friends in our Valentine’s Day events because together you form an unstoppable team.

What would Valentine’s Day be without events? And to make the most of it, we’re already starting today!

Instead of playing alone, these games will encourage you to work together with your friends and fellow Osirans in the spirit of mutual affinity.

Overcoming Obstacles Together

To prove the power of partnership, give your friend a piggyback ride through an obstacle course full of buffs and debuffs in record time. But be careful – other players will set nasty traps along the course in order to really test your friendship.

There are various rewards at the end, depending on how long it takes you to get there. This event can be played every day at 13:00, 19:00, 21:00, and 23:00 CET and lasts for one hour each time. If you need help, have a look in our Forum.

The Balloon of Love

Once per day, you can burst a heart-shaped balloon in order to receive a Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t miss your chance.

Valentine's Quest

There is a special sequence of quests only possible during this special time of infatuation and dedication - Valentine's Quest! Starting in Artecia at Arteicia Ethics Committee Chairman Izmir, Osirans can take the quest "Entrance Exam" to lead them on a special romantic adventure which can result in Titles, Title Promoters, and a funny pet! If you need help, have a look in our Forum.

End: 28 February, 09:00 CET


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