A new zone and a new levelcap of 102!


Thadrea is a highland surrounded by the foggy Ashmond Mountains and situated on Gordean, the southern continent of Auratia. The dominant power in this region is the Norden Kingdom, which was founded long ago by the Tunno people, a race as influential as the Osira in Auratian history. While Osirans developed a combat style based on their command of weaponry, the Tunnos specialized in complex and powerful magic. The great hero of the Tunno people was the sage Asuma, who fought alongside the legendary Osiran Kolava in the Second Dragon War against the Devouring Dragons. Although the kingdom was destroyed, the spirit of the friendship shared between those two warriors still remains intact in the hearts of the Tunno people.


Level range: 98-102



  • Tonapah Tomb (Level 100)
  • Mictlan’s Corridor (Level 102)
  • Asuma’s Mirage (Level 102)


Tonapah Tomb (Level 100)

Tonapah Tomb was the burial site for the countless casualties of the Second Dragon War. This place has since been infested with scourgers, likely the only creatures capable of tolerating the putrid stench of decay that pervades the tomb. Thus far they have managed to scare away any potential invaders with their gruesome displays made out of the warriors’ skulls and bones.

Boss: Crypt King Gallus Blackfang
Gallus Blackfang, also known as the Crypt King, is the current leader of the Utar scourgers, which are similar to the Moran folk you might have come across in earlier adventures. Being naturally larger and stronger than the rest, Gallus quickly rose to the top of this rat pack, killing those who stood in his way and eating their corpses, as is common practice among scourgers.


Mictlan’s Corridor (Level 102)

Mictlan was a Devouring Dragon who wreaked much destruction upon Thadrea. After his death, his remains were gradually buried under layers of sediment until only the spine and skull were visible. The corridor leads from Mictlan’s skull to a secret passageway underground. It is believed that the Vultures dug this tunnel in order to ambush Norden from behind.

Boss: Garyon Archay the Pincer
Garyon Archay the Pincer is the commander of the Vultures in Thadrea. He lost his right hand in a battle under Rodrick Deyarka, but he continued to fight tirelessly with his left hand until the battle was over. As a reward for his valor, Deyarka gave him a powerfully destructive prosthesis that looks like a giant pair of pincers.


Asuma’s Mirage (Level 102)

Asuma’s Mirage is a place full of mystery, wonder, and curiosities. It was originally created by the sage Asuma in order to prevent misuse of the Dimension Gate. This gate is a gigantic portal that could potentially send entire armies to Jagnoth in an instant. After Asuma’s death, it was never opened again. But if anyone could manage to reopen it now, that could just be the deciding factor in the war against the Devouring Dragons.

Boss: Void Thorn

This ethereal being was created by the hand of Asuma himself. It looks like an enormous sea creature that floats above its enemies and is capable of emitting sizzling electric currents at will. Asuma designed Void Thorn to be a means of personal transport, and he also used it as a training partner for fine-tuning his elemental magic attacks. Void Thorn worships Asuma’s phantom as its creator and thus protects him at all costs. Legend has it that this magical beast cannot be killed.

Boss: Mictlan the Fractured Bone

You might wonder what a dangerous Devouring Dragon is doing here in Asuma’s Mirage, especially since Asuma was the one who killed this dragon in the first place! The answer is simple and tragic. When Asuma delivered the fatal blow, Mictlan’s wickedness was burned into Asuma’s consciousness like a traumatic memory. Mictlan’s phantom has haunted the mirage ever since and is dammed to protect the sage eternally.

Boss: Nosra Golem

Nosra is a metal golem, devised by Asuma to aid him in the Second Dragon War. It was destroyed back then, but its soul rematerialized in the place where it was created in order to follow its master for all eternity. Nosra is extremely sturdy and has an emergency shut-down feature, allowing it to regenerate energy when necessary.

Boss: Oziak the Source

Oziak is the master of all elements, a very wise ancient dragon and one of the numerous brothers of Morgath. After the death of his brother the creator, Oziak withdrew to the forests of Thadrea in mourning. Over the centuries, his reputation attracted many knowledge seekers desiring wisdom and advice. Asuma was one such visitor, and the two became great friends. Oziak taught his young disciple everything he knew about magic. It is thanks to Oziak that Asuma developed into the sage hero of the Tunno people.

Boss: Asuma the Sage

Thanks to his incredible magical talents, Asuma was able to foresee his own death in the war, and he therefore made the necessary arrangements before going into that final battle. The boss you face at the end of Asuma’s Mirage is thus not Asuma himself, but rather a terrifying phantom. Those who overcome the challenges of the mirage and reach this formidable opponent will have to reckon with a ghost that possesses the magical power of Asuma and will defend the Dimension Gate with all its supernatural might.


The Crystal War

The Lore

Thadrea was a fierce battlefield during the Second Dragon War, as evidenced by its battle scars all over the place. Legendary Dragons, Devouring Dragons, even the Undead Dragons fought fiercely. Their power and blood were absorbed and accumulated by this land, thereby giving rise to strange phenomena from time to time. This is why Thadrea has inspired so many urban legends. 

As the Shax plan to resurrect the Undead Dragons and reopen the transportation portal, they need to recover the power of the Legendary Dragons that accumulated in Thadrea during the war. By studying the crystallization process of Mictlan's blood, they have successfully created a potion that is able to crystalize these powers. Players can use this potion to acquire various power crystals after defeating the Shax. 

Meanwhile, the sorcerers of Norden Kingdom have conducted many experiments in order to keep the gate to Asuma’s Mirage open. 


What is the Crystal War?

The Crystal War is a new and cool way for players to summon powerful monsters using crystals gathered throughout Thadrea. These crystals are used to power the Portal which allows monsters to pass through into the world of Auratia. The amount and type of crystals used dictate the strength and type of the monsters being spawned. The more crystals added, the stronger the monster will be! 

Players can earn rewards for their participation in taking down these vile creatures.



The Power Crystals

Power Crystals are obtained by defeating Marauders at Mictlan’s Remains and retrieving dropped Power Crystal Potions. You can then use them in different areas of Thadrea, and they may spawn a Power Crystal depending on where you are located at the time. The type of Power Crystal that spawns also depends on where you use the potion.

There are four different types of Power Crystals, each with its own function:

  • Legendary Dragon Power Crystal
    • Buff: Legendary Dragon Power
    • Function: Increases Dragon Spell damage by 100 for 5 min
  • Undead Dragon Power Crystal
    • Buff: Undead Dragon’s Breath
    • Function: Reduces damage received from enemies by 5% for 5 min
  • Devouring Dragon Power Crystal
    • Skill: Devouring Dragon’s Coercion
    • Function: Uses the skill “Devouring Dragon’s Coercion” on surrounding enemies
  • Sage Power Crystal
    • Buff: Sage’s Spirit
    • Function: Increases Intelligence by 5% for 5 min

Please Note: These buffs do not stack on players.


These crystals can be used in two ways, either to buff yourself or another player, or you give them to the Portal to summon powerful monsters.

Remember, the type of Power Crystal you will spawn depends on where you use the Power Crystal Potion. Different locations provide different types of Power Crystals.


Opening and Sustaining a Portal

Once every 5 hours, a portal will spawn in Mictlan Moor after the last one has disappeared; however it will require a constant supply of energy in order for it to fully materialize. You have 20 minutes to provide the minimum amount of energy required to sustain the portal. If you and your friends do not meet this requirement, the portal will close.

If the requirement is met, a monster will appear from the portal.


Providing Energy to the Portal

The portal uses Power Crystals as energy. 

1 Power Crystal = 1 Energy

The minimum energy requirement to sustain the portal is 100. This means that at least 100 Power Crystals need to be given to the portal in order to sustain it. There’s a catch though: Depending on the amount of Power Crystals provided at any one time, different types of monsters will jump through the portal and attack you.

You can provide Power Crystals in quantities of 1, 10, or 100, with each crystal providing 1 unit of energy. (The result will be reflected in the Portal Interface.)

Once the 20 minutes are up, a powerful world boss will spawn if the energy requirement is met.


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