A new zone and a new levelcap of 98!


Surrounded by the mighty Ashmond Mountains and resting on the southern end of Auratia’s eastern continent, Gordean, rests the vast plateau known as Porthis. The region’s steep terrain makes much of the area uninhabitable, and as such most of the population has settled in the scarce flat areas: Fallow Valley, Painez Plateau, and the Cinyorin Shore.

The region Porthis offers the following dungeons:
  • Bladeguard Underpass (Lvl 95-96)
  • Moran Cavern (Lvl 97-98)
  • Nucleus of Time (Lvl 98)

Bladeguard Underpass

Bladeguard Underpass is a secret passageway located just below Skeleton Hill. Scholars believe that the original Bladeguard residents used it as a refuge. It seems that this was the place the Devouring Dragons had invaded from. The Villagers, sompletely unprepared for this invasion led by Zekriloth, stood no chance at all, so no one in the village survived. The large hole that Zekriloth made, has caused considerable damage to the structure of the pessage. As the original function of this passage was for refuge, there are many trapdoors and storage spaces for supplies. It was also designed with traps to block an enemy invasion. Though it should be quite rare to find any functioning traps by now. Skeleton Hill also has an unusual atmosphere, so even the most courageous adventurers have to be on their guard there.

Moran Cavern

The entrance to Moran Cavern was originally an outstretched tree root, but because of the powers of Sardok the Inevitable the tree was killed and crushed, creating an underground cavity. Because the rear of the cavity was connected to a network of underground waterways, it extended to form a cave. The Moran Scourgers originally lived here happily as there was food and water, but nothing lasts forever. When Kronos was resurrected, the Doom Dragon eggs that the Scourgers had gathered in order to curry favor with Kronos began to stir. Recently, several of the eggs have hatched. At first, the Scourgers thought about raising the Doom Dragon hatchlings, but they later discovered that these dragons were more interested in them than they were in the food they were being fed…

Nucleus of Time

The Nucleus of Time is a huge underground building located at the heart of Arkema. It used to be a temple dedicated to Sardok, but it became his place of rest after his people were slain. Known for his ability to petrify enemies, this descendant of Lysaia also has a power unknown to others – he can control time. Because of the effects of this power, Lysaia the Omnipotent warned him to keep it a secret and never to use it to intervene in the world’s affairs. At the center of the Nucleus of Time is a giant hourglass. The hourglass has always been the symbol of Sardok (actually always suggesting that Sardok could control time). Sardok has been in a deep sleep here since the tragedy of Arkema, but he is constantly awakened by nightmares of the dead. As time passed, Sardok’s mind became increasingly unstable, and Fedrana used this to her advantage. As the forbidden spell has been cast, the giant hourglass has overturned and the sand has begun to flow. Once all the sand in the upper chamber has fallen into the lower chamber, time “might” return to normal. Fedrana was excited to see what would happen, so she would not allow anyone near the hourglass to interfere with her great plan of revenge.

With the release of Porthis, we are also raising the level cap to 98! Complete patch notes can be found in the forum here.


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