New item sale is online!

More of your fave items, discounted!

Dear Osirans,

to start off the week, we have prepared a selection of discounted items in the Marketplace.

You will find the following promotions in the in-game marketplace under "Special offers":

  • Advanced Oracle Blessing Learning Crystal
  • Morganith Bundle
  • 10x Dragon Re-education Elixir
  • Secret Apartment Blueprints
  • Perfect Experience Bauble
  • Academy Dragon Soul Crystal 
  • Dragon Egg Elixir (Incubation)
  • Intermediate Dragon Soul Essence
  • Academy Skill Crystal
  • Academy Knowledge Enhancer
  • Lucky Potion (3 days)
  • Attribute Reset Powder
  • Academy Training Whip
  • Daily Quest Reset Ticket
  • Perfect Equip Transmutation
  • Small Experience Bauble
  • Equip Transmutation
  • Friendship Puppet
  • Laedis Academy Provisions
  • Dragon Drive Potion
  • Seal Breaker

These discounts are online until Thursday, 25th July, 14:00 CET.

Good Hunting!

Your Savage Hunt Team


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