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North of Wintertide ice cold glaciers meet brewing hot volcanoes - Inartia. Once the home to the long-gone Red Flame Methus, in his strife for Power this area was not spared of marks from the dragon wars. Surrounded by Mountains, this isolated tundra-basin became home to many outlaws and war survivors. Still Inartia ruled by the Lukara Kingdom is considered one of the most peaceful regions on the northern continent.

The region Inartia offers you the following dungeons:
  • Arjak Caves (Level 70 - 72)
  • Artenne Ruins (Level 74 - 75)
  • Veilar Grotto (Level 75 - 77)
  • Palace of Methus (Level 79 - 80)

Arjak Caves

Arjak Caves is a partially man-made subterranean area, located to the north of Aparti, and west of an orchard that is guarded by the Drifters. The bandit chief Liere Arjak led the group of outlaws that occupied the cave, and he proclaimed himself king, giving the cave its current name. Liere Arjak used to be a small chieftain within the Yarnel Coalition, but due to the betrayal of Artenne Kingdom, his country was destroyed and he became an outlaw. He has a bad temper, is highly aggressive, and is a known womanizer, leading him to frequently attack small villiages, abducting women and bringing them to his stronghold for his personal pleasure. Villiagers hate and fear him, and the Kingdom of Lukra has even issued an arrest warrant for him. But as the former leader of a country, Liere Arjak's power cannot be underestimated! Therefore, villiages in the area are looking for qualified adventurers to take on the difficult job of ousting this felon.

Artenne Ruins

The Artenne Kingdom used to be the most powerful empire in Inartia before Lukara's use of steam engine technology led to their superiority. Given Artenne's endless wars with Lukara, combined with its inferior economy, its eventual destruction was all but assured. Its citizens became slaves and its palaces were burned down, preventing it from ever being more than a page in the history books. Now, the ruined city has new inhabitants: Dribblesnout Goblins. The leader of the Dribblesnout Goblins, Qanda Dribblesnout, moved his entire clan to the ruins, and they have converted them into their new stronghold. In order to ward off invasion from the Steelsnarl Wolfmen, Qanda Dribblesnout has put a lot of effort into reinforcing his new villiage. He has used broken walls and what structures still remain standing to form several defensive lines. Even though the Wolfmen still cause trouble occasionally, they have failed in their attempts to break through these lines. When other nations began hiring Wolfmen as mercenaries, they stopped bothering the Dribblesnout Goblins completely. Without the Wolfmen threat, the Dribblesnout Goblins are growing more powerful, and are becoming a great threat to many of the villiages nearby that are under the jurisdiction of Lukara....

Veilar Grotto

Veilar Grotto is located to the northeast of Veilar Springs, and was originally sealed off by ice. Due to the heat from Adra Volcano, however, the ice melted, turing into a hot spring that flows through the cave. Previously, while Shadrillo Kenax was still conducting geothermal research in Lukara, he was very interested in the origins of the cave's heat, but since it was extremely dangerous to send someone into a cave with such high temperatures, Shadrilo made further use of his talents and created robots to help him with collecting samples. When he left the project, no one was able to control his robots, and so research had to be halted. The cave was sealed, along with the robots and precious research materials inside. When the researchers began to run into escalating problems, they turned their attention back to the robots made by Shadrilo. The current head of research thinks that the key to solving these issues is to retrieve the robots and research materials from the cave. Mercenaries were hired to do so, but none of them returned after entering Veilar Grotto. The current assumption is that there is something very dangerous inside the cave. There have also been rumors that other individuals intend to head into the cave to retrieve those precious research materials. The screening process for who they send into the cave has become stricter now, as a result. Until now, nobody suitable has been found.

Palace of Methus

The Palace of Methus was a magnificent structure built by the combined effort of all the sentient races of Inartia to please their master, Methus the Red Flame. The shrine used to bear witness to horrific fights where Methus’ followers would duel to the death for his pleasure. During the Second Dragon War, this underground palace was severely damaged. Red hot lava made its way in through the cracks, and jets of lethal, scalding steam blasted randomly from the fissures. Moreover, the palace's pillars also collapsed, as they were no longer able to withstand the weight of the bedrock. In summary, it was chaos. Only wolfmen are able to live there now, since they are highly adaptable. They built a gate and a defensive line around their village at the palace. The paths leading to the inner palace became their living quarters, while the other rooms became places for storage. Other than wolfmen, a general of the Devouring Dragon Army, Demoneyes, came here to help with the defenses as well. It seems that, in order to get into the wolfmen's fortress, a violent battle is unavoidable…

With the release of Inartia, we are also raising the level cap to 80! Complete patch notes can be found in the forum here.


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