Are you a true dragon hunter?

You've come to the right place!

Every dragon hunter or priced collector is at home here. The fantasy MMORPG Savage Hunt offers you over 600 different dragons, waiting to be tamed. Be it in the depth of the wilderness or in the darkest dungeons - every dragon is available for free.

Savage Hunt – Where you can tame every dragon! Are you ready for the ultimate challenge?

Experience the action-packed combat - dodge, block, attack!

Savage Hunt - Dragon's Prophet

Explore a lovingly crafted game world from the skies, on foot or on water!

Savage Hunt - Dragon's Prophet

Enhance your character, train your dragon and become a one-man-army!

Savage Hunt - Dragon's Prophet

Master hundreds of different dragon skills and expand your character!

Use not only your character's skills but your dragon's as well

Your character grows together with your dragon. Obtain mighty dragon skills and learn to use them at the right times. Your choice of dragon can very well decide over victory or defeat, be it as an active combatant or through its supporting abilities. Do you want to be the ultimate damage dealer, regardless of the consequences? Your dragon skills can grant you powerful abilities to decimate your foes. Maybe you're rather a tank and like to draw the enemy's attention, while swallowing immense amounts of damage? Your dragon can help with that. But healers and supporters aren't coming short either - specialize in dragons with supporting abilities to cover your friend's backs during combat!

Explore an open world on your flying, running or swimming dragons and experience breathtaking landscapes
Construct your own home and throw amazing parties for your friends